Monday, March 17, 2014

Australian Silversmiths - J.M Wendt (Part II)

A couple years ago, I posted about Adelaide's most prolific silversmith, J.M Wendt.  In that post, I showed pictures of two of his serviette rings.  Following I've posted a number of further examples.  As you can, he produced a variety of different types and used a number of different maker's marks.  These all date from the 1880s-1890s.

A lovely example of the Aesthetic movement. Circe 1880

One modelled on a belt bucket.  These are among the most collectable

Bright-cut engraving of leaves on this one.  And note this is while he had shops in
Adelaide and Broken Hill.  c.1890

An bright-cut pattern.

Plain serviette rings, but what great initialling!

Another example showing influence from the Aesthetic Movement.

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Rebecca said...

This is very interesting. I particularly liked the Belt Buckle item.