Australian Silversmiths - Henry Young of Melbourne

As I've mentioned before Australian silver is a lot scarcer than its English and European counterparts. Although produced from the early 1800's, most Australian silver is to be found from the 1880's onwards.  Often Australian silver will be found stamped 'Stg Silver' or similar (unlike English silver which has had a legal system for hallmarks for hundreds of years).  

Henry Young is one of my favourite Australian silversmiths.  I'm always keeping an eye out for pieces of his to buy for my own collection (let me know if you have any to sell!).  He had a unique style of engraving his wares, from serviette rings through to large trophies.

A picture of Henry Young's shop

Thomas Young, the father of Henry Young, founded his business in 1854 and by 1865 was trading as Thomas Young and Son at 47 Stephen Street, Melbourne.

Henry Young and Co. was established by 1882 at 53 Collins Street East, and by June 1883 had moved to new premises at 49-51 Collins Street East. Between 1885-1888 Thomas Young and Co. traded at Stawell Street, Richmond. He ceased trading in 1891.

The hallmarks found on the serviette ring below

I haven't seen any pieces of silver bearing a mark for Thomas Young, only for Henry.  

A great example of a H.Young Serviette Ring
As you can see from the example above, he often had his silver engraved with Australian animals.  In this case kangaroos and a possum.  I have also seen swans and lyrebirds on his pieces.  


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